Voodoo Catbox poster show and sale

Saturday and Sunday, December 15th - 16th 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Gary Houston is one of the great American poster artists.  Under the name Voodoo Catbox, he is best known for making silk-screen posters for music concerts.

In 1995,  Gary Houston decided to design and hand print his own rock posters. "It's to keep the spirit of hands on production alive, and to give voice to less than mainstream musical groups." Gary dubbed this venture Voodoo Catbox, and it eventually spawned the website

The Voodoo Catbox posters are traditionally made - hand drawn and hand cut or scratchboard originals. Colors separations are hand cut and then hand pulled.

The posters range in musical styles from alternative to country. Each poster commemorates a show, special event, or tour of the different artists, and each poster is a limited edition hand pulled screen print. They are all numbered and signed by the artist. As each edition is sold out, no more posters of that image are reproduced.


10:00AM Music Millennium
Portland, OR