Cat Doorman - free live performance

Saturday, February 16th  3:00 PM

Cat Doorman is the new children’s music and media alias for acclaimed illustrator and Portland indie music scene veteran, Julianna Bright. Cat Doorman Songbook is her first album. The CD features 14 songs – 12 original – whose lush compositions celebrate the uniqueness, potential and power of every child. Available on January 24 from Night & Day Studios, Songbook’s release will coincide with Night & Day’s launch of the Little Red Wagon App, an interactive app for children based around Bright’s version of the classic tune and made from hundreds of her hand painted illustrations.

Songbook features Bright’s inviting vocals and percussion, along with contributions from Chris Funk (Decemberists) and members of The Golden Bears, Bright’s Portland based indie band. The Cat Doorman CD package includes a 20-page booklet of hand-lettered lyrics and Bright’s colorful, quaintly charming illustrations.
Cat Doorman songs have an immediate, authentic sound with a musical complexity not often heard in music for kids. These songs would feel at home on any alternative radio playlist, with a well-crafted mix of soaring vocals and beautiful arrangements for strings, horn, guitar and piano. Fresh takes on familiar kid themes are evident in “Little Red Wagon,” and “Let’s Get Dressed Up.” A cover of Syd Barrett’s, “Effervescing Elephant” finds Bright in a delightful duet with an 8 year old. Rockers include the ABC song “So Many Words” and the funky “Yeah.” Amidst the catchy melodies are tracks that reach around the world to encompass the joys, loneliness and mysteries of childhood and life itself. An example is the song “Turn Around:” “Turn, turn around, take our hands and we’ll make a circle so large/The earth understands that our plans are hers,” or the waltzy “Lonely Girl.” The soft lullaby, “Oh, the Inspiration” exemplifies the transcendent quality of these songs:    Sleep my darling, sleep an hour, Sleep as though a folded flower….

Julianna Bright grew up in Southern California and studied English literature at UC Berkeley. A sensitive literary quality infuses her lyrics, and her artistry is evident in the Cat Doorman Songbook. Her vivid, delicate works in gouache, watercolor and ink have appeared on album covers, in periodicals and in galleries around North America. This is Bright’s first collaboration with Night & Day Studios, a pioneer in the children’s app world who’s original ‘Peek-a-boo” series of apps have sold millions and who’ve adapted the works of Eric Carle and Richard Scarry to acclaim.  Bright and her partner and fellow Golden Bears member Seth Lorinczi are raising a five-year-old daughter in Portland.

3:00PM Music Millennium
Portland, OR