Leaves Russell - free live performance

Friday, March 8th  6:00 PM

Portland quartet Leaves Russell owes its unique rock n’ roll sound to its members’ divergent backgrounds, but each has something in common: a love of music that stretches back to his earliest days.

Leaves Russell’s geographic roots are scattershot: Russell and Medina met after high school in Austin; then Medina moved to Chicago and Russell to Colorado before reuniting in Portland in 2009. Conrad, a Portland native, put down his guitar to audition for Leaves on drums; Schmid found his way to Russell’s Brooklyn neighborhood home from Wisconsin soon after.

We Chose The Devil Red sets out to explore the complexity of the human shadow, celebrating our simultaneous denial and acceptance of the darkness within each of us. The songs explore the impact of over-identifying with, as well as denying the existence of a shadow. The songs balance a lilting playfulness with a swelling intensity and exciting musical ingredients: Matthew Russell's geologic vocals, piano, organs, violins, violas, electric mandolin, accordion, whistles, vibraphone, drums, bass, congas, shakers, whales and highways.


Leaves Russell
6:00PM Music Millennium
Portland, OR