Pheasant - free live performance

Thursday, March 28th  7:00 PM

From its roots in lead singer Matt Jenkins’ lone guitar to the dynamic combo they are now, Pheasant has always been about the songs. Through their early lineup changes, the songs have remained as the beating core—have expanded and evolved into the tightly-orchestrated folk/pop tunes they are now.

The band went through several evolutions in the early days as Matt searched to find reliable creative people who shared his musical vision. He met Andy Brouillette through a Craigslist ad, and Pheasant had its first solid drummer. Matt met Eric Bryant through Andy because they were neighbors and he had come over to jam one afternoon. Matt invited him to the next band practice and Pheasant had a lead guitar player. Jacey Campbell is a childhood friend of Matt's who expressed interest in playing bass for the band. He was invited to jam with the band and it was obvious that he was a perfect fit. Matt works with Randy Jeffreys, and found out that he was a saxophone player looking for a project. Matt invited him to join the band, and Pheasant had a saxophone.

Pheasant's latest album, Gravel Beach, has the same character and feel as Black Field, Pheasant's first release, but with a sharper bite. Pheasant recorded Gravel Beach with Caleb Baker at Troubadour Studios over a period of seven days, capturing as much of the live character of the music as possible. This thirteen-song gem chronicles the band’s growth and maturity, while still keeping their good natured hooks intact. Pheasant is simple and alive, is raw but refined, is rock but not without the soul.

7:00PM Music Millennium
Portland, OR