Rodriel & Gabrigo, The Insanitizers

Friday, March 22nd  6:00 PM

Rodriel & Gabrigo, The Insanitizers, use both whimsy and precision to fuse rockabilly with flamenco into flamencobilly. This new genre carries all the energy, tension, mystery, and showiness of both, without the melancholy. The two performers use acoustic style guitars and ordinary drum-free levels of volume. The duo is based in the Portland, Oregon, metro area. Their initial performances were in the Summer 2012 downtown Vancouver "Art in the Heart" festival.

Rodriel (Conrad Swartz) has been entertaining audiences in the Portland area since 2010 as leader of the Insanitizers surf guitar quartet. His first guitar performances were at the New York World’s Fair with The Counts at the RCA, Tiparillo, and New Jersey pavilions. Early influences were Chet Atkins, the Ventures, and classical music. Alongside a research career Conrad started writing and recording guitar music in 2000. A half dozen recent compositions reprise classical music themes, and the others are as complex and accessible. In December 2012 he released Whimsical Surf Version 2 with the Insanitizers, improving on a CD first reviewed as "too much fun" by Reverbcentral, "surf music in a frenzy" by Vancouver Voice, and "sounds great" by Pipeline Instrumental Review. The newest release, Wild Surf Guitars, includes three recordings by Rodriel & Gabrigo.

Gabrigo (Tom Robertson) is a recent transplant from Boston, where he performed with fellow engineers in the rock band The Algorhythms. Their appearances included the opening of The Russian School of Mathematics, and the Chick Singer Night benefit concert, as the token male "Are You Man Enough?" act. Tom’s long interest in guitar instrumentals brought him to the Insanitzers and into fusing flamenco with rockabilly.

6:00PM Music Millennium
Portland, OR