SP Clarke UNreal Gods book signing @ 1 PM


Cake cutting @ 3 PM with live music by Dirk Hamilton

The Cry! @ 5 PM


Music Millennium opened on the Ides of March in 1969 at 3PM with the Beatles’ “All Too Much” blaring out of the stereo system. Specializing in mostly underground music not found in the department stores, drugstores, or the couple of record stores which existed at the time, Music Millennium filled a niche for the Portland music community. Titles by Fairport Convention, Frank Zappa, John Fahey, The Fugs, and Holy Model Rounders were stocked in the small store along with the sounds heard on the then three months old FM station, KINK - The Underground Link.

It's 45 years later (and one of our favorite turntable speeds) and Music Millennium is the oldest record store in the Pacific Northwest! Come celebrate with us on March 15th at 3 PM, when we will once again play the Beatles’ “All Too Much,” followed by cake and beverages.

3 PM: Dirk Hamilton's music career began in the early 1970s in and around Northern California. Wanting to make records, he ventured to Los Angeles and quickly caught the attention of influential producer Gary Katz - at the time working with Steely Dan. Dirk toured with Warren Zevon and produced one other album for Elektra, but his adamant stance on making the music he heard in his head rather than trying to make "marketable product," ended his affiliation with the company. After leaving the business for several years, Dirk realized that his mission in life was to make music, and he returned to a career of his own design which continues to this day. Dirk has been called "A true American master" by well-known producer Dusty Wakeman, and is compared over the years to Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen.

5 PM: The CRY! Is a four-piece rock 'n' roll, power-pop band from Portland. With influences like The Beach Boys, The Ramones, and The Sweet, the band has re-crafted the two minute pop song for a new generation. The CRY! effortlessly merges 50s style vocal harmonies, the jangle of 60s pop hooks, and the glam-rock attitude of the 70s, with the raw punkish emotion of the Portland street culture from which they emerged. On March 1st, the CRY! is releasing their second studio LP, Dangerous Game. Even before its release the highly anticipated album has earned high-praise within the power-pop community and has garnered dozens of critical reviews. One label executive, after hearing a mix of the new album, summed up his critique in one word, "Epic!"