Josh Hoke - free live performance

Wednesday, January 30th  6:00 PM

Josh Hoke is a Midwestern man of origin, the son of a preacher, singing songs like sweet tea on a Sunday afternoon. With guitar in hand and more than a touch of soul, his voice invites you into the sacred, rustic space of tired hope, or along the crisp precipice of wailing anticipation. Gritty and fresh as the day you were born, and as calming as a breeze over fields of new mown hay on a warm summer night. He remains a man of hopeful honesty, acquainted with grief, fervently singing into that guttural longing for good life and luster. He currently spins a honey web of sweet melody in Portland, Oregon.

Josh’s new album, Ghosts and Glory, is a debut collection of his songs and invitation to join in the same longful gaze. The passion and visceral experience of his live performance has been captured in the studio in a more concentrated, focused delivery. Songs of heartbreak, hope, love found, and love lost, weave a rich tapestry in which you will find solace and a space in which to both take a break from all your worries and contemplate the varied nuance of life.

Ghosts and Glory will be available January 2013 with a national tour to follow.

Josh Hoke
6:00PM Music Millennium
Portland, OR