Larry Yes at Music Millennium, 3/4!



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GENRE: FOLK | NEW RELEASE: “Love Vibes For All The Creatures Of The Universe”


Larry Yes is an artist, songwriter and musician whose focus is on positivity, humor and heartfelt emotion. He loves using art to turn strangers into friends. His social engagement projects include, “Free Art in the Park”, a public party/art therapy session; and Positive Words, a community-sourced installation of uplifting language. His visual art has been shown at PDX Contemporary Art Window Project and the Portland Building, and he has collaborated with the Portland Museum of Modern Art. In his nearly 30-year musical career, he has toured Europe, performed with Michael Hurley, Sonny and the Sunsets, and Elliot Smith; and has played the Quiet Music Festival and SXSW. He describes his current musical style as “positive cosmic folk.” A native Oregonian, he lives in Portland.


Larry Yes has released his new album "Love Vibes For All The Creatures Of The Universe". The record is a joint release by Nadine Records and Peace-Love Records and will be available on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital download. It features performances by Nate Lumbard, Garth Klippert, Michael Hurley, Andrew Jones, Alicia Jo Rabbins, Lewi Longmire, Dave Kelsay, Tahlia Harbor, Toussaint Perrault, Joel Ricci, Barry Walker Jr, and Josephine Foster.



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Larry Yes
5:00PM Music Millennium
Portland, OR